Let's Get Physical with Music
Who ever said exercise isn't fun? From a scootin' country line dance, to a hip hop groovin' jamboree – to movin' to a rock n' roll beat, directly from your classroom seat -- Participants will engage in an energizing presentation that promotes physical fitness, large muscle development and health through action-based, movements and dances that are designed to help children develop balance, locomotor skills, physical strength and coordination. Everyone will gain a clear understanding along with practical experiences through a plethora of refreshing, upbeat, interactive group games and child-directed activities. An emphasis will also be placed on key components that promote making healthy choices, a constructive release of energy, social interaction, fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination, developing listening skills and following directions.
This high-energy presentation is a celebrated favorite of Physical Education instructors and elementary educators.
Let's Get Physical - Training Handout & Activities
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