I Can't Sing or Dance!
Children naturally love to sing and dance! However, (or so we've been told) not all educators feel comfortable publicly barreling out a tune or kicking up their heels. The Learning Station comes to their rescue with a presentation that will have everyone singing and dancing like the stars! There is a Zimbabwean proverb, "If you can walk you can dance; if you can talk you can sing" -- and that's exactly what is generated in this creative, fun-filled, confidence building music and movement extravaganza. The recipe for success is simple and fun; A dash of your favorite children's melodies, sprinkled with catchy rhymes, add a heaping, helping of variety, pinch of merriment and top it off with a splash of rhythm and BAM! You will be bursting with a renewed interest in music and movement, equipped with the vital tools and techniques to return to your classroom eager to share. Singing and dancing in the aisles is encouraged during this presentation!
Highly recommended and chosen undeniably as the most popular workshop by educators, college students and librarians.
I Can't Sing or Dance! - Training Handout & Activities
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