• Carol Hartery

    This CD includes many of my favorite Autumn songs. My students especially love singing “Grey Squirrel.” As we sing we use different voices to sound like the Mommy, Daddy, Baby, Grandma and Grandpa squirrels. The children laugh hard as my voice deepens to sound like Daddy and Grandpa.
    I created a strip of orange, yellow, red, and brown leaves for each child to use as a prop as we sing, “Orange, Yellow, Red, and Brown.” They touch the appropriate color leaf as we sing the song.
    For “Away Up High in an Apple Tree” I gave each child a tree cutout with 5 apples attached to them with Velcro. As we sing the song the children “pick” an apple off of their tree. I wasn’t sure how well the tag weight apples would hold up, but they are doing fine.
    Now I am waiting impatiently for Winter Songs for Children and Summer Songs for Children. Hugs to you Laurie and Don!

    • Hi Carol, Thank you for sharing your creative activities! Your students are truly blessed to have such a devoted and dedicated teacher!!

      We greatly appreciate your suggestion regarding winter and summer songs.

      We wish you and your children musical smiles galore! 🙂
      A BIG musical HUG of thanks for all of your wonderful and kind support!!