• XxJessicaxX

    cheerful mc’ noodles

  • Mary

    Musical McNoodles

  • Kristine Park-Gross

    Really?!? This was fun but I’m leprechaun: “Kind McMuffin” LOL I hope my leprechaun self is at least working for McDonald’s with a last name like that, other wise I’d say my pot of gold should’ve been had by a law suit for copyright infringement, lol I’m kidding of course…that would have been done years ago by one of my leprechaun ancestors. I’m just patiently waiting for my inheritance =8•D HA!! Maybe my older brother Witty O’Wacky has it?! Hhhmmm….this I will have to look into because what’s a leprechaun without a potOgold?!? Just a myth of course, hehehe!

  • kandi

    mine is sep and t