Please help us get The Learning Station’s YouTube channel on YouTube EDU!

l_4c42500bd38743458f6aeb881adce6d7We had a dream when we first began our mission in educational children’s music, “Find a way to reach out to all children everywhere and make a positive difference in their lives.”  YouTube has made that possible and we’ve received many moving emails from parents and educators all over the world.  A mom from Hungary recently shared with us that her autistic child spoke for the very first time after watching Tony Chestnut on our YouTube channel, and he can now sing the verses.

Now with your support we have the opportunity to bring our, “Healthy Music for a Child’s Heart, Body and Mind! to more children! 

As you may know, many schools are unable to view videos on YouTube.  We’ve received numerous messages from teachers disheartened that they don’t have direct classroom access to our educational videos on YouTube.  YouTube EDU (YouTube for Schools) will open many doors making our videos available directly in classrooms.  Our YouTube channel shares a plethora of videos that invite active participation and creates a learning (and teaching) environment that is both fun and exciting.  From brain breaks to promoting literacy, fitness to academics, we are committed to creating quality educational videos for children.

Sometimes we need to call on the support of friends to help us in our mission. This is one of those times.  By filling out this simple form you can help us with our journey and mission to bring our videos into schools.   We thank you in advance for your time and if you’ve completed the submission form, please let us know by posting a message on our Facebook.

Submission Form to Suggest Channels for You Tube EDU

To assist you with the first 3 questions of the form below, here is how they should be filled out. 

1. Channel Title: The Learning Station

2. User Name: TheLearningStation    (No spaces.)

3. Direct Link to channel:  (Copy & paste this URL.)

Now please follow this link and fill out this simple form.

Thank you,

The Learning Station




  • Brian Hopkins

    We are going to get you on Youtube EDU, yes we are!!!